About us

We see our mission in facilitating local business community growth, eliminating business stagnation thresholds, and educating communities, to to share the benefits together.

Many new acorns grow on the same old oak!

Over 20 years we are successfully supporting, consulting, managing and administering our Client’s businesses from various industries, including: maritime, technical supervision and repair services, industrial commercial diving, underwater construction, oil & gas, bunkers, supply & delivery chain logistic, e-commerce, finance, management, consulting, entrepreneurship, food & catering, entertainment, music, arts & design, event organization, and ever expanding.

Steady growth and smooth absorbing of covid-19 impacts by our Partner’s and Client’s businesses is the natural outcome of timely implementation of flexible, innovative and proactive long-term management solutions by our Clients.

We have had some major re-organization as well. In order to conform to 2020 realities, anticipating more innovations and changes to penetrate markets and industries in the upcoming months, Aper Libra MB was born.

During these times of uncertainty and anticipation, as well as during the normal course of Your commercial routine, Aper Libra MB main business is to facilitate activities to increase efficiency and profit of Your Organization.


General Manager
Dipl. Eng., B.A.

Mr. Aleksej Ivanov


company name: Aper Libra MB
company code: 305581473
VAT code: N/A
General Manager: Aleksej Ivanov
reg. address: Kretingos str. 33/28, LT-92302 Klaipeda
email: contact@aperlibra.com
mobile: +37065265913
web: aperlibra.com
bank: Swedbank AB (73000) – SWIFT: HABALT22
bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, LT-03502 Vilnius


* Aper Libra MB company data is being collected, stored and processed by the State Enterprise Centre of Registers is a public entity of limited civil liability incorporated by the Government on the basis of the State-owned property on 8 July 1997. The Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania is an institution exercising the rights of the owner of the Centre of Registers.
The primary function of the Centre of Registers is the administration of three main state registers, such as Real Property Register and Cadaster, the Register of Legal Entities, and the Address Register.
In fact, the Centre of Registers acts as a centre of excellence of the Lithuania’s public sector in creating and developing register-data-based systems. The Enterprise also runs its own certification authority – the Certification Centre of the Centre of Registers.